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Container and Combi Terminal

Jurong Port launched and commenced operations of its Combi Terminal in August 2016. The terminal is dedicated to servicing multipurpose vessels.

The new Combi Terminal in is a one-stop terminal for vessels carrying both containers and general cargo. Such multipurpose vessels no longer need to call at separate terminals or berths to load or unload different cargo types. Instead, they can berth at the Combi Terminal to concurrently move such cargo using quay cranes efficiently, safely and seamlessly.

Occupying a total area of 6.6 hectares, the terminal comprises of three dedicated deep-water berths of 575 metres in length with 15.7 metre draft. The terminal is equipped with quay cranes that have been adapted to handle general cargo as well as containers. In addition, mobile harbour cranes can be deployed for the handling of heavy lift cargo.

The terminal has a capacity to handle 300,000 TEUs of containers and 1 million tons of general cargo per annum. 

Location of Combi Terminal in Jurong Port:

 Combi Terminal Map

Dedicated Berths  3
Warehouse Area 2.1 Hectares
Berth Length  575 Metres