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Cement Terminal

Jurong Port operates the world's largest common-user cement terminal. 

The terminal was commissioned in 1997 to ensure a constant supply of cement to support our construction industry and other major infrastructure projects. More than 90% of cement throughput into Singapore is processed in Jurong Port. 

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Today, the cement terminal has an annual handling capacity of over 7.5 million tonnes. Eight companies are located in the compact 5.3 ha of land with 19 cement silos of 497,000 tonnes in total storage capacity.

The cement berths are equipped with 3 dedicated berths of between 40,000 & 50,000 deadweight tonnes capacity and 5 screw unloaders to facilitate the efficient handling of cement. A state-of-the-art enclosed air-slide conveyor system ensures a pollution-free environment. With unloaders operating at maximum capacity, bulk cement is speedily discharged from vessels directly to customers’ storage facilities.

This translates into faster vessel turnaround, increase in shipment deliveries and cost savings on stevedoring charges.

Besides cement, the port also handles copper slag, furnace slag, liquid bulk, industrial chemicals, sugar, and limestone using specialised unloading cranes. The liquid bulk berths are equipped with pipelines to move liquid cargoes such as lubricating oils to and from our customers' facilities located near the port

Total bulk cargo throughput for FY13 is 8.27 million tonnes.

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