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Lighterage Terminal


Singapore's Ship Supply Industry
The Singapore ship supply industry generates about S$700 million of revenue, and contributes S$93 million to Singapore's GDP. The industry supports Singapore’s position as a leading international maritime centre; in 2011, Singapore welcomed 186,000 vessel calls. Out of this, twelve percent came to Singapore for the primary purpose of receiving ship supplies. Singapore’s ship supply industry are supported by Jurong Port's Lighterage Terminals -- Singapore’s primary gateway for the export of provisions and spares. Annually, the Singapore lighter fleet make approximately 48,000 calls, handling a cumulative amount of about 650,000 tonnes of cargo. Jurong Port manages two lighter terminals in Singapore, Penjuru Lighter Terminal (PLT) as well as the Marina South Wharves (MSW).

Penjuru Lighter Terminal (PLT)
PLT, completed in 2008, was developed and built by Jurong Port. The terminal occupies an area of 10,700 square metres with a 150 metre long berth, and 3,000 square metres of wharf space. Eight of Singapore’s major lighter and Out-of-Port-Limit (OPL) boat operators are based in PLT, making it a one-stop terminal facility for the lighter needs of ship chandlers. PLT is strategically located close to Singapore’s Jurong industrial estate. Jurong Port’s core services at PLT are the provision of wharf and berthing space.

Marina South Wharves (MSW)
MSW was developed and built by Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore. The terminal provides easy access to Singapore’s Eastern Anchorages, where most of the ships are anchored. MSW consists of a 100 metre long wharf, on a site area of 3,900 square metres. It provides a full spectrum of services, wharf and berthing facilities, and lifting services for lighter vessels.