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Talent Development

Our talent development philosophy is to invest in every employee. Based on this philosophy, we have put in place structured programs that cater for all levels of staff. Our talent development covers four broad categories:

Leadership Development
As part of our talent development and succession planning, promising leaders are sponsored for Executive Education programs conducted by leading business schools such as Harvard, INSEAD and Stanford - NUS. These programs, conducted overseas or locally, are aimed at equipping senior managers with broad-based leadership and managerial skills; they foster learning through business cases and also provide opportunities for our leaders to network with participants from different parts of the world.

Our leaders have attended:

  • Harvard Business School's General Management Program
  • INSEAD's Asian International Executive Program
  • Stanford-NUS's Executive Program in International Management

In addition, the company is committed to identifying other management programs that can further develop our leadership talent.

Emerging Leaders Program for Managers and Professionals

For junior managers and high potentials, the company provides opportunities to enhance their management skills through a variety of programs. For example, these managers and HIPOs, participate in a series of programs developed by Development Dimensions International (DDI), a talent management consulting company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA. These programs focus on key people management principles and skills that are vital in helping emerging leaders to be successful in a competitive environment.

Our managers can also choose to participate in a 12-month program, "Bullet Proof Manager", which, through blended learning, provides insights, knowledge and skill development in all aspects of management and executive excellence; the program covers the following essential skills and competencies:

Leadership Ability to Motivate
Customer Service Planning & Goal setting
Change Management Communication Skills
Coaching / Mentoring Negotiating
Stress Management Recruiting / Hiring

Another program is the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People which is aimed at developing a mind-set of workforce effectiveness that serves as the foundation of successful organizational and business leadership.

Executive Excellence Program for Corporate Support Staff

Corporate Support staff can avail themselves of a series of programs that are organised to improve their communication, personal effectiveness, and self-management skills. In particular, the Executive Excellence Program is a 6-month program that is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to increase their effectiveness and prepare them for future roles.

Supervisory Excellence for Operations and Engineering Support Staff

Our staff in the operations and engineering functions are critical to the company’s seamless business operation. Throughout the year, they have opportunities to participate in functional and HSE training. In addition, they can participate in programs to help them upgrade their IT skills, and enhance their knowledge in port and terminal-related operations. Promising employees are sponsored to undertake various certificate and diploma courses to upgrade their qualifications under the LEAP — Learning, Aspiring And Progressing — scheme, which provides financial support for these courses.

Online Learning

To encourage continuous self-education through distributed learning, the Company has an incentive scheme to encourage staff to participate in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Under this scheme, staff have completed online courses offered by University of Michigan, and Stanford University. These courses range from financial management to computer networking to effective writing.

Experiential Learning

To give a greater sense of reality to the learning experience, the company provides structured experiential learning through job rotation and attachments, and practical on-the-job learning through projects undertaken by cross functional teams.

Job Rotation and Attachments

The company believes that learning in a real life environment - as opposed to online and classroom learning - can add a vital dimension to the learning experience. Selected staff are provided with opportunities to be rotated to other departments. They can also be sent to one of our overseas joint ventures or one of our affiliated companies for attachment.

Cross Functional Teams

Cross functional teams with employees drawn from various functions, are given real life projects including: productivity enhancements in operations, the structuring of overseas remuneration, and enterprise risk management studies. They also include the organization of employee engagement initiatives such as the annual dinner and dance, family day, fruit jamboree and other recreation programs.

A Learning Culture

The ultimate purpose of our learning and development programs is to grow and nourish a learning culture in the company. We believe that only employees who never stop learning will be able to help the company and themselves to compete and succeed in a fast changing environment.


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