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Scholars 4

MaritimeONE Scholars with Jurong Port

To attract young, fresh talent, we have put in place a scholarship program for promising young individuals who are passionate about the maritime industry, and want to commit themselves to a career with us.

This scholarship program is part of MaritimeONE, a manpower initiative of the Singapore’s maritime industry under the auspices of the Singapore Maritime Port Authority.

Our scholarship provides selected students with the opportunities to pursue undergraduate courses in maritime studies, accountancy, economics, or engineering at universities in Singapore, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

During their course of studies, the scholars are provided the opportunity to do internship in the company, both locally and overseas. This augments their academic knowledge with real world experience to prepare them for their career with the company. As well, the paid internship gives the scholars the opportunity to identify and determine their area of pursuit upon graduation.

The scholars are selected on the basis of good academic performance, co-curricular activities, personality, and their interest and commitment to the maritime industry. We have so far placed four scholars on this program, with the plan to add two or more scholars a year in future.