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Our People

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Diverse Talent for our Journey
On the journey of a leading international multi-purpose port operator, Jurong Port places particular emphasis on talent management. On this journey, we draw upon the strengths of our growing number of staff of diverse nationalities and cultures. In our search for new talent, our focus is on getting the best we can find, from Singapore and the world.

Growing Talent and People
As we move forward on our journey, we are scouring the marketplace to find exceptional talent with the knowledge, skills and attributes to excel in developing and managing multi-purpose ports.

Bringing in top talent at all levels is one prong of our talent management strategy; growing these and existing talent is the second prong of our strategy.

Jurong Port has a systematic approach for growing our people and talent. We have put in place a competency framework that defines the skills, knowledge and attributes required for success in our company. At the same time, we have a talent management system that sources, identifies, develops, and rewards talent, supported by a performance management system that sustains peak.

Comprehensive Rewards
Jurong Port adopts a comprehensive approach in attracting, motivating and rewarding its talent by offering market-competitive compensation and benefits, as well as a work environment that enhances employees' well-being.

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