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Do you have the special DNA?
Jurong Port is on the lookout — everyday, everywhere — for the special DNA that will make our talent pool unique and nonpareil. On the journey of a leading international multi-purpose port operator, we recognize that our talent pool is the decisive factor for success. We draw upon the strengths of our staff of diverse nationalities and cultures. In search for new talent, we look out for the best people, from Singapore and from the world.

It's all about talent
Managing our talent pool is a key priority. We begin with a clear talent strategy that helps us define our priorities; understand the types of talent we need, and deploy the best people to every position. For each level, we endeavour to develop the right attitudinal, knowledge and functional skills. And for our future progress, we tap on our growing talent pool for the development of our succession plan. As important, our performance management system aims at creating peak performance from all our colleagues.

Starting a Career with Jurong Port
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