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Yangpu, China

SDIC Jurong Yangpu Port is a joint venture by Jurong Port and SDIC to manage and operate a multi-purpose port for general bulk cargo such as coal, iron ore, steel, sugar, project cargo and containers.

Yangpu Aug 2016

Yangpu Port is one of the busiest deep-water ports in Hainan Province, China. In 2012, it handled 8.85 million tons of cargoes, including 360,000 TEUs of container cargo. It is the main port serving the Yangpu Economic Development Zone, a rapidly developing industrial zone in north-west Hainan.

Facility Water Depth Capacity
General Bulk Berths 13.5 metres 10.5 million tons per year
Container Berths 12.3 metres 680,000 TEUs
Total Port Land: 93 hectares


Facilities Capacities
Berth Length 1,600 metres
Maximum Draft Up to 13.5 metres
Maximum Vessel Size 50,000 deadweight tonnes