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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Jurong Port believes in caring for our people, the community at large and our environment. We support programmes that reach out to the community and are constantly looking for ways to ensure sustainability in our developments both locally and overseas.

Responsible Community Partner

Jurong Port is a firm believer in conducting our business in a responsible and ethical manner. We embrace fair employment practices with no discrimination. We also promote and support employee volunteerism to strengthen community impact and to increase employee morale, benefiting the elderly and the young in Singapore.

Sustainable Environment

We can all do our part to preserve the environment for our future generations. Jurong Port has embarked on several green initiatives to reduce the negative impact on our environment. We encourage our staff to recycle and reuse materials as well as reduce wastages for an eco-friendly work environment. Promoting environmental awareness among employees, vendors and customers is a good way to educate people on green practices.

Responsible Employer

At Jurong Port we believe in taking care of the welfare of our employees, stevedores and their families. We want to ensure a well-engaged workforce through competitive rewards, continuous learning, personal and career development. We strive to provide a physically safe and happy workplace through stringent safety measures and workplace health activities. Jurong Port promotes an open communications culture to support a tolerant workplace free from discrimination with regard to gender, race, ethnicity, religion, disabilities, age, marital status & social background. We provide a clear policy on Code of conduct and Ethics to ensure that all employees understand their responsibilities to others.